" LondonNetMail

For a Distinctive Email Address in London

With London Net Mail you can have an email address with an identity ... an email address that relates to who you are and where you live ... an email address that will never change, no matter how often you change your ISP. Link your personal or business email to a real location from a selection of hundreds of addresses all across London and the UK.

London Net Mail creates an on-line presence that is permanent, secure, fast and easy to use. With a multitude of features you can:

  • Access your email from anywhere in the world
  • Check and send email anytime using any browser connected to the Internet
  • Collect your email on any computer that is set up to receive POP3 email
  • Enjoy 100mb of storage with spam filters, address books, junkmail blocker, stationary etc
  • And pay nothing for 3 months.
  • Flexible, portable, versatile, personal.